On its path to reduce its impact on climate change, Panerai invests seriously to reduce the emissions of all its worldwide buildings.


The building that houses Panerai operations sets the tone for the environmentally conscious practices within. It is a modern building that adheres to rigorous standards aiming at reducing carbon dioxide emissions to zero by implementing several recycling processes and the intelligent use of renewable resources like the reuse of rainwater (225,000 liters a year of rainwater saved) and 100% hydroelectric electricity to power the manufacturing process.


But that’s not all. Recycling energy produced by air compression machines provides energy to heat water, solar panels have been installed to harness the sun’s power (contributing 15% to the heating system output) and 36 geothermal sensors and a heat-pump have been installed to keep the internal temperature balanced without using electricity, therefore avoiding burning 65.000 liters of fuel a year.

Up to 70% of boutique furniture and construction is based on the use of certificated recycled materials and by 2025 all the buildings will be powered by using renewable electricity.